QuikDraw Software proud to announce game changing online Loan Management Solution iLend 24/7.

San Diego, CA- May 6, 2012

As members of the California Financial Service Providers Association (CFSP) gather in beautiful Coronado, California for their annual conference to learn more on how to better compete as lenders, QuikDraw Software is proud to announce the latest on lending platform ilend 24/7. 

One challenge all lenders face today, is how to compete in the rapidly changing internet and mobile market.  Now lenders can with ilend 24/7 by Quikdraw Software.   With ilend 24/7 traditional storefront owners not only can accept new applications online but also their borrowers can self-manage their loans online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week either from their computer or mobile smartphone device.

Complete online loan lifecycle management with iLend 24/7

As an extension of QuikDraw LMS complete loan lifecycle management, now lenders not only can offer loans online but most importantly their customers can completely self-manage their loan, including new loans, refinances, payments, installments and payment plans.  This fully automated solution will automatically calculate multiple loan fees, multiple loan types (i.e. Installment, Payment Plan, Title, Payday etc.), APR disclosures, create electronic signatures with digital notary option, and allow loan payments and refinances anywhere anytime 24/7.  Borrowers can access their personalized real-time account portal from either their mobile smart phone or a personal computer.  This exciting new online solution will enable lenders to offer better customer service while at the same time decrease labor costs.  With iLend 24/7 lenders can more profitably manage their loan portfolio with less expense and better customer retention.  See for yourself and visit them at QuikDrawsoftware.com/ilend 

“Go 24/7, Go Mobile, Go iLend by QuikDraw Software”

ABOUT QuikDraw Software QuikDraw is committed in developing and delivering technology tools and solutions that help lenders achieve their business goals and objectives.   This is achieved by building products that help lower labor costs and decrease bad debt.

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