Loan Processing

QuikDraw currently supports a wide variety of different loan types depending on your state or marketing requirements. After easily defining your system variables QuikDraw automatically and quickly performs all of the necessary internal calculations, printing complete and accurate disclosure agreements to meet both state and federal regulations such as Regulation Z - Truth In Lending Act. The system also automatically keeps track of all associated income and your account receivables/loan portfolio.

Quickly and easily provide different financial service offerings to help differentiate you from your competition but still maintain regulatory compliance.

  • Payday Advance - Automatically calculate percentage and flat fees with up to 10 different tier levels. Automatically deduct fees if loan is prepaid early.

  • Refinances - Support multiple refinances with different disclosure agreements.

  • Title Loans - Calculate all associated fees and amounts also includes Vehicle database with multiple title repossession statuses.

  • Payment Plans - Easily offer an unlimited number of payment periods and multiple payments. Support singe disbursement multiple payments with simple finance fee included. For example, after the fourth refinance offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment plan on part or total account balance with the correct APR.

  • Installment Loans - Support Amortized Loan capabilities with multiple variable payments. Payments are "amortized" with varying Principal and Interest payments.

  • Revolving Loans - Provide a revolving line of credit with associated fees and annual finance charge. Account Balance can be revolving with varying advances or payments made on account.

  • Check Cashing - Automatically charge different check cashing fees.

  • Multiple Fees - Automatically assess application fees, loan origination fees, return check fees and bank fees to loans.

Now you can have an easy to configure and FLEXIBLE loan system to meet your requirements. With QuikDraw meet your current and future service offerings and continuously meet the constant changing regulatory environment.

Call today to see for yourself how QuikDraw can help you gain and maintain competitive advantage by offering different and unique financial services.


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